Monday, May 5, 2008

Introducing Bella the Puggle

After months of research, we decided to adopt a puggle! We found a breeder/handler in Petaluma (about 40 minutes north of SF) and that was when we saw our first picture of our little one! She was so wrinkly but had very soulful eyes for a pup. How could we have not chosen her!

Bella with her breeder in Arizona (Check out the size of her paws!)

Although we had told Chelle which puggle pup we had chosen from the pics, she had informed us that we would still get first pick of the litter (Bella has a sister and three brothers) once we arrived at her place on February 9th.

When we finally got to her place, she had a few other puggles we could have picked from if we weren't too sure about Bella. But as soon as we got to the crates, she jumped out at us and was going crazy licking our faces when we were holding her. After that it was a done deal. No other pup could compare. :

Bella and Isaiah before the drive home

Having been such an exciting day, she was pretty pooped when we made the ride home. However her energy perked up when we got to the apartment as she walked around sniffing her new surroundings. She's quite a curious little one.

Bella sniffing around and getting acquainted with her new "potty pad"

She fell asleep on Isaiah

She's got tons of personality and has so much more work than I had expected. We're crate training her while we are at work though it broke our heart on Monday morning having to leave her. We do go home at lunch everyday to feed/play/relieve her :)

This is "Blue". One of her first toys.

Yes, she likes to sleep. Perfect puppy like us.


Jersey said...

Man you are cute Bella. Can't wait to hear some puppy stories on your blog!

Jersey (the puggle)

Brice said...

Bella is super cute! Puggle puppys melt the heart! we have started a puggle meetup group here in austin come check us out